Glass edging machine trip and how to choose glass edging machine correctly

by:Enkong     2022-07-17

Glass edging machines sometimes find that the motor is always very hot and keeps tripping when grinding glass. Consumers of glass edging machines have said that this has happened, so how does this phenomenon come about? The edging machine is roughly estimated, and the following two maintenance suggestions are made: .

First, smell the motor first to see if there is a big burning smell. If so, it can be concluded that the trip is caused by the short circuit of the motor of the glass glass edging machine. This phenomenon does not occur in the glass glass edging machine. Not uncommon, please remove the motor for inspection and repair, or replace it with a new one.

Second, if the motor problem is ruled out, then there is a very likely reason that the transmission device of the glass edging machine is not dredged, which will cause the motor load to increase, generate heat and eventually lead to tripping. The transmission device of the edging machine, find out the problem, if it is just because of dust and other reasons, then tidy it up and put some lubricating oil on it. If the transmission device is damaged, it must be repaired or replaced.

How to choose a glass glass edging machine correctly? There are many manufacturers of glass edging machines, and the quality is uneven. Many customers are at a loss when purchasing and do not know how to choose. They only look at the price and the appearance of the equipment, not the internal structure of the equipment. In-depth understanding often leads to frequent quality failures of purchased equipment, poor processing quality, which seriously affects production. In order to help more users choose better equipment more easily, so that they can be confident, glass edging machine is very I am willing to share with you the experience of designing and researching glass edging machines for more than ten years.

One, the bed.

1. The bed is the foundation of the entire equipment. Its quality and level will directly affect the performance and quality of the entire equipment. It must be welded by high-quality integral steel. The integral steel has good tensile and bending resistance. , the torsional strength, and at the same time, when the overall section steel is rolled, its structure is dense and there is no loose phenomenon, and the bed must have good rigidity.

2. The number of intermediate beams and the number of supporting points should be considered according to the stress condition of the equipment. Too few intermediate beams and supporting points will easily deform the equipment, resulting in unstable transmission and premature wear of the linear slider.

3. The brand and installation of the linear guide and the ball screw. The linear guide determines the running stability of the moving box, and the ball screw determines the precision of width opening and closing. The quality of the linear guide directly affects the processing quality of the equipment. Lubrication and waterproofing of rails and ball screws are critical and directly affect service life.

Second, the box.

1. The fixed box and the mobile box must be made of high-quality steel plates, and cannot be replaced with recycled steel plates, which are easy to deform and difficult to process.

2. The rigidity of the thickness is also reduced, which leads to the vibration of the equipment and the beating of the grinding wheel when the machine is turned on, and the glass cannot be ground with the due precision and brightness.

3. It is not possible to reduce the amount of steel plates to save materials. When purchasing, customers should check whether the box design adopts anti-bending, anti-distortion and anti-deformation measures during hoisting.

4. The overall structure should not be too complicated, too complicated to maintain, and it is not very convenient for glass edging machine manufacturers to debug.

In addition, all welding parts must be welded firmly, and there must be no welding defects such as false welding and missing welding.

Third, the gearbox.

1. The gearbox must have sufficient thickness, because the synchronous pulley is installed on the gearbox without sufficient thickness, and the synchronous pulley is easily deformed by the pulling force of the synchronous belt under long-term working conditions. Once the gearbox is deformed, This will lead to poor contact of the bevel gear, early wear, and premature bearing damage, which will make the whole machine run poorly or even fail to work.

2. The gear box is mostly driven by bevel gears (bevel gears). The forces on the gears are axial, radial and normal. Some manufacturers use a deep groove ball bearing to save costs. Extremely wrong, because the deep groove ball bearing can only bear radial force, if this kind of bearing is used, it will cause the bearing to wear prematurely, the gap will increase, the gear transmission will be unstable, the noise will increase, and it will not work. The correct design is The use of paired tapered roller bearings is a reasonable design.

Fourth, the support frame (slide frame).

The entire weight of the moving box is transmitted to the linear slider by the support frame. The linear slider must be stable during operation. The support frame used by many manufacturers is a unilateral support frame. Such a support frame will cause the linear slider to be unilaterally affected. The pressure makes it inclined, the ball track is worn on one side, the opening and closing accuracy is reduced, the ball falls out, the card is issued, and even the slider is broken. The correct design is that the support frame is supported on both sides. It will tilt, open and close smoothly, and the service life is greatly improved. Customers must pay attention to this when purchasing the machine.

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