Glass edging machine takes you to see glass knowledge

by:Enkong     2022-07-14

Glass-can present any color, and although it does not have the so-called texture of the ordinary literal meaning, it can accept any kind of appearance treatment. It is simply unparalleled in the sense of light and shape. It can withstand extreme polishing and carving

It is clean, durable, and solid, and it can almost unknowingly transition from transparent to translucent. Going to opacity, transitioning from perfect reflection to diffusion to dull surface. In fact, there is simply no appearance that it can't show.

points. At the same time, however, it has a highly personalized nature. No matter how we deal with it, no matter what appearance we impose on it, it still maintains its unmistakable 'glassiness'. Whether it is embossed, engraved, frosted, sprayed

mirror-making, embossing any pattern we choose, casting, blowing, or filming, etc., it It seems that there is no limit to endurance, and there seems to be no limit to the different arrangements and combinations applied to it. Its 'glass quality' has always been its gorgeous


   glass is too accustomed to people nowadays, it is rare to arouse its well-deserved curiosity. As a product of pure sand and dust, it is inherently wonderful enough. Once it is made into a vessel, it can further invite all kinds of wonders, because its magnificence is definitely not like

The calculated result. Its shape may be designed and controlled, and its color may be famous, and it can be fixed with a certain percentage of oxide. But apart from all this, the substance of glass has an unpredictable property. With

and the 'unique posture' often recorded by its appearance, perhaps it is only part of the beautiful elements that glass exhibits in accommodating the artist's wishes.

   When people first saw it, due to an accidental strengthening of heat, the sand and dust melted into a metal-like form, which was full of warts and rough, full of impurities and obscure. It’s unknown. At this moment, who can imagine that there are so many life convenience factors hidden in this pile of indescribable objects, and sooner or later they will constitute most of the welfare of the world? ? However, it was this kind of accidental liquefaction process that taught people to obtain a highly sturdy and highly transparent object that can receive sunlight and resist

It can extend the philosopher's gaze to various new realms of objective existence, sometimes fascinated by the infinite material creation, and sometimes the infinite surrender of animals. What's more, it can make up for the decay of nature and aid the elderly with auxiliary vision

people. This is how the first glass craftsman did his work, whether he knew it or expected it or not. He facilitated and extended the enjoyment of light, made the path of science open, and made people’s happiness to the extreme and lasting forever; he also

Students can meditate on nature, so that beauties can appreciate themselves.

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