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Glass edging machine pays attention to maintenance and effectively reduces corporate waste

by:Enkong     2022-07-18

When it is found that the edger is leaking water, electricity or oil, it is necessary to stop the machine to check and take measures. In addition, pay attention to the working conditions of each instrument and whether there is any abnormal sound in each part. To maintain the edger, clean the equipment every day, remove and produce For irrelevant sundries, the circulating water should be replaced regularly to prevent glass powder from clogging the water pump and water pipe. Finally, the chain, gear and screw should be coated with grease. It is recommended to use it once a month.

As an important equipment for glass deep processing, in order to prolong the service life of the machine, the correct maintenance of the machine is particularly important.

First, when using the water tank to supply circulating water, please replace the processing water after processing every day, so as not to block the water pipe caused by the dirt in the water tank.

Second, when changing the water, please unplug the power plug first, then take out the water tank, pour out the waste water, and clean the dust in the water tank and the filter.

Third, clean the water spout. Once the water spout is blocked, the water volume will be reduced or there will be no water, resulting in reduced processing capacity or even inoperability. When cleaning the water spout, please unplug the nozzle and use a fine needle to remove the blockage inside the nozzle.

Fourth, clean the waterproof cover of the edger. Working for a long time will cause the cutting dust of the lens to adhere to the waterproof cover. If it is not cleaned in time, the cutting dust will be solidified and difficult to remove, thus affecting the observation and sight. Clean with a brush and a water spray container.

Five glass edging machines, clean the edging chamber, and long-term processing will make the clamping shaft, the chuck and the inner wall of the edging chamber adhere to cutting dust. If it is not removed in time, the lens will be scratched, and the sealing ring of the clamping shaft will be damaged The wear causes water to enter the machine head. There are two cleaning methods as follows: (1) Direct cleaning with a brush and a water spray container, (2) Entering the machine cleaning mode to clean, this method can also clean the internal water supply pipeline of the machine. For specific steps, please refer to Comes with the operating manual.

6. Clean the edging machine and the scanner shell. After using the machine every day, it must be cleaned immediately. If it is left for a few days before cleaning, the cutting powder will be solidified on the shell and will be difficult to remove. Please use a soft cloth for neutral cleaning. detergent to clean the casing.

7. Dressing the grinding wheel. When the grinding wheel is dull, the processing time will be longer. In order to restore the performance of the grinding wheel, it should be dressed in time (the time is about 1000 pieces of glass).

For glass glass edging machine enterprises, the continuous improvement of the TPM equipment management system has not only strengthened the equipment management of glass edging machines, but also the production management and on-site management have not been continuously improved. At the same time, several common wastes in enterprises have been eliminated or reduced.

1. Excessive waste is produced. Because there is no detailed plan in advance, the semi-finished products and final products produced are squeezed, resulting in stacking, unloading, and repeated handling. The glass glass edging machine manufacturer will use it in advance for the next batch of products. Prepared raw materials, resulting in insufficient raw materials for the next batch of production, resulting in wasted time, interest burden, increased warehouse occupancy and increased warehouse management costs.

2. The waste of waiting time and the unreasonable production arrangement result in a waste of time during the operation of the production line.

3. The waste of handling, the unreasonable placement position causes the handling distance to be too long, so the items are temporarily stacked somewhere, and then transferred, resulting in the waste of repeated handling.

4. Manpower is wasted, causing defective products to be unusable, and also worrying about returning goods, resulting in a waste of manpower.

5. The waste of processing itself, the use of substandard processing tools, the use of incomplete equipment or poor raw materials, make the production process unable to proceed smoothly, resulting in waste of time and materials.

6. Excessive inventory is wasteful. Excessive inventory will increase the warehouse area and rent. It will also require a new forklift truck and an increase in handling personnel. The accounting personnel will cause a waste of workload.

7. The waste of actions (repetitions), it seems that the operator is very busy, but in fact there are many unnecessary actions (movements), resulting in a waste of time and physical strength.

8. The waste of producing defective products, the inspection itself does not produce good products, and by reducing inspection items, it can ensure good products. This is the purpose.

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