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Glass edging machine manufacturers teach you to maintain glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-04

The glass edging machine manufacturer teaches you how to maintain the glass edging machine. Let’s talk about the equipment maintenance of the glass straight line glass edging machine:   

  1, clean the inside and outside of the machine after working every day clean.

  2, the grinding head of the glass edging machine should be checked and replaced at any time.  

  3, the transmission reducer of the glass glass edging machine should be replaced once after 1000 hours of operation. The oil quantity should be kept in the middle of the oil glass, but not excessive. It is recommended to use 150# industrial gear oil.

  4, the timing belt pulley and guide groove, gear, screw rod, sprocket and each transmission bearing should be kept lubricated every day.

  5. Although the grinding wheel lubrication and cooling water of the glass edging machine is recycled, it also needs to be replaced constantly. Try to keep the cleanliness as much as possible to ensure the polishing effect of the glass edging.

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