Glass edging machine manufacturers talk about typical common problems in the process

by:Enkong     2022-01-03
Typical common problems in the glass edger process. In the production and processing of glass products, glass edger Diagonal error occurs, and how should we improve the situation? The diagonal error can be reduced from the following aspects. The first is the balance of the glass conveying movement, if the glass grinding wheel moves back and forth periodically. In this way, the products processed by the glass glass edging machine will be uneven and have wavy edges. Pay attention to the control of the glass grinding wheel without back and forth movement, and the product has the desired movement with the knife in the longitudinal direction. There are three possibilities: 1. During the glass edging machining process, the cutting force of the two opposite sides is uneven. And the clamping force is not large enough, which causes the product to move in the longitudinal direction, which causes the wavy and opposite sides of the glass to be non-parallel during the glass glass edging machine; 2. The moving speeds of the two sides of the product are not equal, causing the sides to be non-parallel, which is the size of the head; 3 .The gap between the girder adjusting screw rod and the adjusting gong female is large, when the centering mechanism is centered. Squeezed by the centering force. The distance between the two beams increases, causing the wave side and the opposite side to be non-parallel.

The generation of diagonal lines for glass edging machines is a common problem, but it is also representative. It is difficult to produce good products based on experience and do not understand the principles of mechanical equipment. It is difficult to analyze the problem and find out the problem. .

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