Glass edging machine manufacturers talk about six small maintenance requirements

by:Enkong     2022-01-04

Glass glass edging machine manufacturers talk about six small maintenance requirements. Glass factories will have glass edging machines to process glass machinery. Maintenance has become the correct method to use, so the maintenance issues must be implemented. The following is Detailed maintenance content.

Glass glass edging machine is widely used in glass processing. It is mainly used to process the bevel and bottom of flat glass. The front and rear splints are high-frequency quenched at 55 degrees to achieve their hardness and wear resistance. The insert 40cr steel is high-quality alloy steel. The transmission is stable and the processing accuracy is high. The transmission speed is adjusted by the stepless side speeder. The speed selection range is large and the operation is simple. , Strong practicality.

  1. When cleaning glass machinery and equipment, remove debris that has nothing to do with production, preferably once a day.

  2, replace the circulating water, so as not to block the water pump and water pipe with glass powder.

  3. The chains, gears, screw rods, etc. of the glass edging machine should be filled with grease regularly.

  4. After use, keep the surrounding environment of the glass edging machine dry and not easy to rust.

  5. Check whether the gap between the movable parts of the machine becomes larger in time, which helps to maintain the accuracy of the processed parts.

  6. When processing small pieces of glass with a glass edging machine, you must pay attention to whether the plywood is flat to clamp the small glass.

The above is the common sense of maintenance of glass edging machine. These six points can be achieved, which is to meet the requirements of glass edging machine manufacturers. Everyone who wants to buy a glass edging machine can call us for consultation.

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