Glass edge grinding vendors would tell edge grinding machine has what function

by:Enkong     2021-04-11
Glass edge grinding vendors would tell what edge grinding machine has the function. Glass edge grinding vendors would tell what edge grinding machine has the function of glass edge grinding machine is a kind of tool we are essential to life, so we have to give you explain the function of the glass edge grinding machine. Primary effect is to smooth glass, and make some special shape. Accurate and reasonable use of edge grinding machine, can not only ensure the normal production, will also have the extension machine taking effect. Divided into both sides of the glass edge grinding machine, glass beveling edge grinding machine, glass linear edging machine. Here let's speak some ZM9325 - for glass edge grinding machine 45 ° relevant common sense: glass edge grinding machine product characteristics: glass multistage ZM9325 - side edge grinding machine ZM9325 45 ° is at the edge of the glass straight machine is increased on the basis of the function of multistage edge grinding and chamfering grinding head can be in before the electric switch between 45 ° and 90 °, the end level 45 ° chamfer edge, bottom edge, and after finished in one time and make an end of straight and multistage while a processing. Glass edge grinding machine primary characteristics: such as the base, girders, grinding head to strengthen safe high quality casting, rectangular girder never deformation; Grinding head motor to choose 'new east Asia' brand high-grade; 2. 2 kw caly a wide range of speed governor, caly worm gear box, drive more durable; Conveyor chain transmission; Thicken the line pipe rack can hold glass thick glass processing; Grinding wheel for ultra sharp, OasisNew, bottom left for imported 10 s40, CE3 or SD001 after polishing effect light like a mirror; Pump oil smooth a skateboard function easily regulate grinding head; Generally straight edge machine functions and multistage edge functions, can be 45 ° - 90 ° electric adjusted willfully glass edge grinding machine; Above is shandong glass edge grinding vendors would relate what edge grinding machine has the function, believe that everyone has to understand, you are welcome to come to our company of choose and buy!
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