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Glass edge grinding vendors would light mechanical properties of glass application

by:Enkong     2021-03-12
Glass edge grinding factory home abroad. it described the mechanical properties, glass application in our life is filled with glass, and accidentally fell on the ground will be broken into many pieces. Glass is a kind of brittle material, its mechanical strength available compression, bending, tensile and impact strength index said. Generally includes: on the mechanical properties of the glass of elasticity, the strength of glass machinery, glass hardness and brittleness as well as the density of the glass, the use of glass has a very important role. The strength of the glass composition, and surface and internal state, the environment temperature, sample geometry, heat treatment conditions and other factors. Glass is widely used, one of the reasons is that it is of high crushing strength and hardness is high. Because of its bending and tensile strength is not high, and the brittleness is bigger, makes the glass application by certain restrictions. Can be used to improve the performance of glass, annealing, tempering, surface treatment and coating, microcrystalline and other materials, composite materials, etc. Some of these methods can make the glass flexural strength have multiplied even more than a dozen times. And want to produce high quality glass products, good glass machinery equipment are indispensable, so this is for the development of glass machinery is also a great challenge.
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