Glass edge grinding machine what are popular

by:Enkong     2021-03-10
Glass edge grinding machine is popular. With the increase of quantity of construction in recent years, people, the demand for glass edge grinding machine is also more and more big, so what kind of glass edge grinding machine is popular, to the service life of the strong, today small make up to you to introduce why we so popular glass edge grinding machine. Machinery is good or bad, is not only reflected on the function, but also on the configuration. Glass edge grinding machine is the main product in Italy, cooperate in Australia in 2014, independent research and development of turning machine, fully automatic vertical glass has been associated with unilateral abrasive belt cleaning a glass processing production line, is a giant in the industry, no doubt. A glass edge grinding machine is the most important girder and girder deformation, high maintenance cost, to estimate the loss caused by delay production plan. If large plate glass, using arched girder edge grinding machine, tolerance is not uniform, girder deformation and deformation of girder direct consequences is bad grinding glass edge, so no matter how the machine couldn't revised, can only remove the girder, grinding machine on the rework again. Even if the revised girder still will be out of shape. In the industry before and after the vast majority of manufacturers of glass edge grinding machine girder are bow glyph, have a face no, easy to deformation. Girder structure there is a problem not only, casting quality is not standard, annealing more not up to standard. Australia strictly selected excellent casting suppliers in guangdong province, creating high quality castings for edge grinding machine « girder, four sides, and annealing to amount to mark, not out of shape. There is few industry use synchronized to supporting enterprise. Through the understanding of the above information, we can clearly know the products of the glass edge grinding vendors would why so popular now, if you want to know more information about the glass edge grinding machine, can call our contact telephone counseling, and look forward to your presence.
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