Glass edge grinding machine of glass machinery 9 key points

by:Enkong     2021-03-20
Glass edge grinding machine work instruction 9 pay special attention to the points: 1, the replacement of grinding wheel must the ability after edge processing products. Between the size of 2, grinding and feeding speed, reasonable matching, so as not to damage the glass. 3, take glass must be outside-in jie, cannot smoke inside any a piece of glass. 4, after the edge grinding of glass on the appearance size and quality inspection, unqualified products do not flow into the next working procedure. 5, profiled edge grinding must according to the customer's requirements, in strict accordance with the sample or geometry to machining, the grinding surface is smooth, bright and clean. 6, for high quality glass appearance quality requirements, the appearance quality inspection level should be more than or equal to the car glass glass quality cosmetic requirements. 7, large flat glass grinding, layout of more than 3 ㎡, must use the hook and suction cups, people carried the glass edge grinding machine can't run, walking pace. 8, grinding quantity control: 8 mm below the amount of grinding ﹤ 2. 5mm,10— 19 mm ﹤ 1 grinding quantity. 5毫米; Feed speed: 8 ﹤ 2 mm below the speed. 5m,10— 19 ﹤ 1 mm speed. 5m。 9, after edge grinding of glass stack: when the specifications ( Length * width) Not at the same time, must be in the edge and the edge of the junction of paper isolation ( Paper about 100 ㎜ x 200 ㎜ or cord) To prevent glass scratch.
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