Glass edge grinding machine maintenance regularly what work needs to be done

by:Enkong     2021-03-09
For glass edge grinding machine maintenance is to keep the normal state of technology, prolong the service life of the daily work must be conducted. The equipment maintenance job loss can reduce downtime and maintenance costs, reduce product costs, ensure product quality, improve production efficiency. General glass edge grinding machine maintenance work is divided into two categories, daily maintenance and regular maintenance. The difference and the following simple to tell you about. Glass edge grinding machine maintenance including per shift maintenance and maintenance two over the weekend, shall be the responsibility of the operator. Each check various parts for the equipment maintenance requirements shift, and lubrication in accordance with provisions; Check items shall be recorded in the tally card after check, confirmed to use normal equipment. Glass edge grinding machine to strictly in accordance with the maintenance operation procedures in the operation of the correct use of the equipment, observe its operation situation, found that the anomaly should be handled in a timely manner, the operator can't rule out the fault shall notify maintenance overhaul, and the mechanic on 'fault repair list' to make a good record of maintenance. Before coming off work in 15 seconds time seriously cleaning, cleaning equipment, and record equipment condition is presented in the book, the handing-over formalities. Weekend maintenance mainly operating personnel before every weekend and holidays, with 1 - 2 hours of equipment in the thorough cleaning, wipe and the anointing oil, and according to the equipment maintenance 'four requirements for inspection evaluation, assessment. Another glass edge grinding machine preventive maintenance is in conjunction with the mechanic counselling, regular maintenance work by the operator, two shifts production of glass machinery equipment about once every three months to maintain, the operational time according to the complex coefficient of computing devices.
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