Glass edge grinding machine is development of technology and service

by:Enkong     2021-03-04
Glass edge grinding machine is the expansion of technology and services, the glass industry has been in the doldrums, until 2016 have changed, but the current orders for glass production and processing enterprises and show no signs of a large increase, so the demand for machinery and equipment, too, although the equipment industry faster than other industry as a whole, but from the time always in a stable, and the glass machinery general 8 - the elimination of cycle 10 years, that is to say, industry has a stable and continuous demand. Glass machinery industry homogeneity serious competition, the market price war against thin profits. China's glass machinery industry concentration degree is not high, enterprises scale of quantity but little, there is still a gap with foreign industry, the domestic glass machinery and equipment are mostly is given priority to with low - and, more and more homogeneity, the lack of core technology, processing performance and stability need to be improved, or the machining accuracy is not enough, or the efficiency is low or high failure rate, but the factory equipment is not as casual as general consumer goods industry or have a tendency to the pursuit of luxury, glass manufacturing is a practical industry, on the mechanical equipment of machining accuracy, efficiency, quality, stability, and other tangible indicators. In the fierce market competition environment, competing glass production plant whose productivity higher product quality is better, so which equipment manufacturers of equipment technology more meet the demand of customers is more competitive. Which means equipment companies need to do is to constantly improve the level of technology, master the core technology, get rid of low-level homogeneity, to high-end field. The transformation of the glass edge grinding machine is need time and experience accumulation, glass machinery has the core technology in the long run is a must, but most of the enterprises in the short term may not do it, that can first start from improve the added value? For example, once found that a lot of customer equipment at some stage in the same situation or a certain accessories changed frequently, active analysis process whether there is defect itself, if there is a process problem immediately to improve. In addition, the trading of glass edge grinding machine in addition to the product itself is the most intuitive feelings. However equipment industry has such a feature: customer stickiness is not strong, is a one-time deal, after finished payment, warranty period, we are both clear. So how to do service to improve customer stickiness? For example to understand the status of the key indicators of equipment sold on a regular basis, if discover the need to replace parts of reminding customers, even the related parts delivered to the customer; Or equipment use period is 8 years, 7 years is about to expire and provide reminding customers equipment to old change new preferential, such services will bring its own greater competitive advantage?
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