Glass edge grinding machine frequently, what are the problems

by:Enkong     2021-03-01
Glass edge grinding machine frequently, what are the problems. When we were in the use of glass edge grinding machine, often there will be some what problem, how to solve, the following will give you explain some glass edge grinding machine frequently, what are the problems. To reduce the error of diagonal can be done from the following aspects, first is glass movement balance, if the glass grinding wheel running before and after the periodical. This glass edge grinding machining of product will be not straight, wavy edge. Pay attention to the control of glass grinding wheels before and after moving, product is in longitudinal and knife to sports, there are three possibilities: 1. Glass edge grinding machining process, because of the unequal two pairs of edge cutting force. And clamping force is not big enough to cause the product in the longitudinal motion, causing the glass edge grinding machining glass wavy edge and the edge is not parallel; 2. Not equal on both sides of the product movement speed, leading to edge not parallel the reducer; 3. Girder causeway mother clearance adjustment screw and adjustment, when the agency in the middle. By the force of extrusion. Two girder spacing increases, causing wavy edge and the edge is not parallel. Above is the glass edge grinding machine what are often appear problem, I believe you all know, welcome everyone to come to our company of choose and buy!
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