Glass edge grinding machine for glass processing

by:Enkong     2021-03-08
Glass edge grinding machine for glass processing, glass edge grinding machine analysis: the development trend of plate glass demand growth around 4% a year, four of them. 7% is used for building glass, 4. 1% is used for special glass, and 2% for auto glass. Markets around the world are seeking in the guarantee of low-cost production at the same time, can maintain high adaptability and high quality production machinery and equipment, in 2004 the global glass machinery is one of the most main characteristic is faster, more flexible, higher precision, corresponding and more economic. Standardized basic parts and walk at the forefront of technology open module structure. Mechanical equipment manufacturers with the different needs of globalization and export markets, with standardized basic component and module structure, in this way, machines can be according to the essential features for assembly, can also be used to customize according to the requirements of different customers. Our customer requests the glass processing industry in the production of a variety of more flexible, but can not be carried at the cost of production, that in itself wants proportion of mechanical equipment has a modular structure, glass material if guarantee within the maximum limit processed by mechanical equipment, then the glass manufacturer can be in an impregnable position in the market. Manufacturing system in a number of development will bring new revolution technical equipment. Global system for automation and correlation, material conveying technology has been to automatic production system and a step closer interconnection, machinery manufacturers also received more and more mechanical innovation to beg from glass manufacturing enterprises. Some even just an operation can complete the glass processing technology of automatic production line, also is the people often say 'one-step'. Of glass deep processing is one of the most important methods to cold is the glass machinery, glass edge grinding machine and glass washing machine is the most widely used, their penetration into all walks of life, especially the construction industry and automobile industry the most far-reaching. Low carbon for glass machinery industry is to pursue is characterized by low emission of industry development, realize the development goal of green GDP. Glass deep processing industry belong to the resources in the national economy, energy dependent of industrial raw materials. The basic characteristics of its industry is the raw material is dependent on the mineral content, without thermal kiln production, there are both 'mining' plus 'ceramics' industry characteristics. So we must take energy conservation and emissions reduction, development loop economy, low carbon emissions as the center of the industrial development project. Glass machinery in addition to painting the need special handling to late it is zero emissions.
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