Glass edge grinding machine factors what are efficient work

by:Enkong     2021-03-02
Glass edge grinding machine of efficient work factors have? You know how much for glass edge grinding machine, know his work principle, features, quality, etc. ? So we have to know a lot of glass edge grinding machine, let's understand the glass edge grinding machine factors what are efficient work. 1, for a variety of new edge grinding machine, be sure to read the instruction manual before use. In figure out the transmission principle of the machine, all kinds of handle, hand wheel, electric button, waterways, pneumatic control valve, machine maintenance knowledge, can use the computer operation. 2, glass edge grinding machine grinding head stand or fall has a great influence on the quality of glass grinding, grinding head position, mobile clearance and so on have been adjusted when delivery from factory is good, except in a grinding head, when using the rest of the general not to move, so as not to affect the quality of grinding. In addition, the grinding head backward position not easy too much, otherwise easy to damage the waterproof cover, cause leaks, and easy to burn out motor. 3, cooling is enough also have great influence to grinding effect. Always check the cooling line blocking phenomenon. Especially linear edge grinding machine line easy to brush jams, and after the wall is not easy to detect, cause insufficient cooling influence edge grinding quality. 4, edge grinding machine using the automatic transmission, regulating speed must be in the issuing state, otherwise easy to damage the edge grinding machine of stepless transmission. All prepared ready the following, there may be other factors: 1. Manufacturing ( Process) Factors, although the design is right, but because of manufacture process conditions can't meet the design requirements, equipment of all kinds of fault and cause failure. Such as the forging process of crack; Lack of penetration of the welding process, heat and cold crack casting of osteoporosis, slag; Mechanical processing of size tolerance and surface roughness are not suitable for; Heat treatment process defects, such as quenching crack, temper embrittlement, hardening of the surface layer of tissue defects, hardness and hardening layer thin; Finishing grinding cracks, etc. 1. The quality of the glass edge grinding machine design problem. Such as edge grinding machine process though are reasonable, but due to the manufacturing conditions can't meet the design requirements, all kinds of fault will result in failure of the equipment. In the process of forging cracks; No welding welding process in place, hot and cold crack blow hole, slag; The surface roughness and machining tolerance is not appropriate, Defects in the process of heat treatment, such as crack, temper embrittlement and hardening of the surface defects, hardness and hardening layer thin; Fine grinding crack. So how should we correct choose and buy glass edge grinding machine? Please click on view the matters needing attention in detail. 2. Edge grinding machine selection factors, equipment the parts used materials do not conform to the technical conditions, material internal defects in essence is the internal source of stress concentration. In high stress under external loading material defect and cause a failure. Failure caused by material, may be due to improper design material selection; May be hot and cold processing (the blank Especially in heat treatment) Process of defects, as well as caused by improper installation and debugging. 3. Machine operation and maintenance of factors, first is the operation parameters ( Load, speed, etc. ) Monitor, to see if it conforms to specified requirements. In addition, the lubrication condition is also an important factor. Lubrication conditions usually include: lubricants and lubrication way if done right, lubrication device and cooling, heating and filtration system function is normal, this is also a glass edge grinding machine daily maintenance. What are the effective factors glass edge grinding machine is explained here, hope we can know a lot about the content of the glass edge grinding machine, you want to learn more knowledge GuanYu glass edge grinding machine, please contact us timely, we have professionals to explain for everybody here.
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