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Glass edge grinding factory home about six o 'clock small maintenance requirements

by:Enkong     2021-03-12
Small glass edge grinding factory home about six o 'clock the maintenance request, glass is glass edge grinding machine to carry on the processing of glass machinery, maintenance method be used correctly, so make sure you will be well implement maintenance problems, the following is the detailed content of maintenance. Glass edge grinding machine is widely used in the processing technology of glass, it is mainly used for processing bevel edge and bottom edge of flat glass. Splint 55 degrees before and after high frequency quenching reached its hard wear-resisting degree, strong rigidity, 40 cr steel for high quality alloy steel strip, smooth transmission, high machining accuracy, adopts stepless speed device to adjust the transmission speed, speed range, simple operation and strong practicability. 1, when clean glass machinery and equipment, has nothing to do with the production of clutter, it's better to keep clear once a day. 2, change the circulating water, lest glass powder jam pumps and pipes. 3, glass edge grinding machine of regular chain, gear, screw, etc to keep filling grease. 4, after the use, keep dry glass edge grinding machine of the surrounding environment and not easy to rust, etc. 5, timely check the active parts clearance is bigger, is helpful to keep the precision of the machined part. 6, in the glass edge grinding machining small piece of glass is important to note whether level off, to grip the small glass. Above is small glass edge grinding machine maintenance of common sense, it can do at six, namely the use of the glass edge grinding vendors would do. We want to buy glass edge grinding machine number can we call to come to.
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