Glass cutting on the parts of a machine maintenance way

by:Enkong     2020-12-23
What are important components of glass cutting machine maintenance, do you know about it? Here are glass cutting machine manufacturers to introduce several kinds of glass accessories maintenance methods of the glass cutting machine maintenance is mainly by the operating personnel in 1 ~ 2 hours before the weekend and holidays on equipment cleaning, thorough cleaning and oiling, and according to the equipment maintenance inspection and evaluation on the requirements of the 'four', to examine the other accessories maintenance on a regular basis is a glass cutting machine is combined with the mechanic consulting, regular maintenance work by the operator, two shifts the production of glass machinery accessories maintenance equipment, about 3 months time, dry grinding dust float in the sky of maintenance once a month, unit equipment operation time complex coefficient is 0. 3 to 0. 5 hour, according to the state of the structure of the equipment. Precision and heavy, scarcity, equipment maintenance and requirements shall be formulated separately. For glass machinery accessories equipment maintenance is to keep the normal state, prolong service life should be carried out through the daily work, also is one of the operator's primary responsibility. Do glass machinery accessories equipment maintenance work, can reduce the outage loss and maintenance cost, reduce product costs, ensure product quality, improve production efficiency. General glass machinery accessories equipment maintenance work is divided into two types: daily maintenance and regular maintenance. Glass machinery spare parts and equipment daily maintenance, including each class maintenance and maintenance over the weekend, conducted by the operator. Per shift maintenance, the operator should check each part of the equipment before the shift, and lubrication in accordance with provisions. To specify the tally test project, should be recorded in the tally card, equipment confirmed rear can normal use. Machinery accessories glass cutting machine equipment operation of equipment in strict accordance with the maintenance process correctly, observe the running situation, found that the anomaly should be processed in a timely manner, the operator can't inform maintenance troubleshooting, and maintenance personnel in the 'troubleshooting list' for good maintenance record. Before coming off work in 15 minutes time seriously cleaning, cleaning equipment, equipment situation and will be recorded in the primer, the transfer formalities. Glass machinery accessories maintenance mode is introduced here, if you have a demand of our products at the same time, we all staff, meticulous, enthusiastic, timely after-sales service, let customer did not worry when using the product, my company's products can truly experience the convenience and create value for customers.
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