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Glass cutting machines for high strength glass processing

by:Enkong     2022-05-21

The glass glass cutting machine for high-strength glass processing includes a base, a vertical guide rod and a worktable on the base, a vertical guide groove on the vertical guide rod, the vertical guide groove is suspended at one end of the lateral guide rod, and the lateral guide rod is provided with a vertical guide rod. The rod is connected with the vertical push-pull cylinder, the lateral guide rod is provided with a lateral guide groove, and a slider is hung in the lateral guide groove.

The sliding block is connected with the horizontal push-pull cylinder, the sliding block is fixedly connected with the cutting rod and the motor, the end of the cutting rod is the cutting head, and a rotating sleeve is sleeved on the cutting rod, The rotating sleeve is connected with the motor shaft through a transmission belt.

The rotating sleeve includes an inner sleeve ring of the inner layer and an outer sleeve ring of the outer layer. The inner sleeve ring and the outer sleeve are filled with absorbent cotton, and the inner sleeve The side outer wall is provided with a water leakage hole communicating with the annular cavity.

When in use, the glass is placed on the worktable, and adjusting the position of the cutting head specifically includes moving the cutting head in the vertical direction by pushing and pulling the cylinder vertically, and moving the cutting head in the horizontal direction by pushing and pulling the cylinder horizontally. , When working, the cutting head is driven to move by the horizontal push-pull cylinder to realize the cutting of glass.

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