Glass cutting machine use, maintenance and troubleshooting

by:Enkong     2021-01-15
Glass cutting machine use and maintenance of note: 1, glass cutting machine should be trained professionals. 2, the equipment should be always kept clean, per shift to upper and lower guide rail and gear to wipe and refueling. 3, equipment after shut down the computer in the preservation have shut down the computer after data and power supply, place the operator damage to equipment and change data. 4, often the abnormal sound, check whether the moving parts of abnormal should immediately stop check, eliminate the malfunction. 5, after troubleshooting, should check whether the blade wheel is before starting the return to the origin, avoid boot after the beam out of the guide rail. ( Pay special attention to point) 6, the equipment should be used to clean compressed air, avoid premature damage the pneumatic components. 7, cutting machine power, they can prevent the leakage. 8, in the unit and the upper machine, double pieces into line cutting machine should be below 2 - on the machine 5 mm, 2 - higher than to break off the machine 5mm。 9, when cutting glass cutter wheel must fuel ( By using kerosene) , often should check whether lower mailbox oil shortage, short of oil in a timely manner. Glass cutter common failures and troubleshooting methods: 1, the cutting speed drop may be synchronous belt or diagonal line change or tightness on both sides is not consistent. Method: ( 1) Open the cover on both sides of the plate shell; ( 2) On both sides will be a set of release; ( 3) Adjust both synchronous belt tightness. 2, cutting line, bye doesn't open is probably right wheel Angle or knife pressure is too small. Method: ( 1) Adjust the Angle of knife wheel; ( 2) Replace the right knife wheel. 3, cutting line critical edge may be the reason is not oil or cutting stress. Method: ( 1) Oil; ( 2) Cut the knife pressure. 4, cutting size becomes large or small elimination method: adjusting cutter drive Settings. 5, no function may be floating by the gas road impassability, fan damage or gas source sanlian pieces block. Method: ( 1) Dredge gas path, triple pieces; ( 2) Replace the fan.
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