Glass cutting machine to ensure convenient operation

by:Enkong     2021-05-12
In making glass, glass cutting is a very important process, at present, glass cutting using artificial feeding, cutting efficiency is low, at the same time, because of the need to cut different sizes of glass, fixed on the cutter positioning block can't meet the need, and workers tend to judge on the basis of their experience, prone to cutting error, glass damage and waste of resources, the small make up for the glass cutting machine will be introduced to ensure convenient operation. Glass cutting machine, cutting device, including shell shell on the workbench, the workbench can slide set on the shell, the worktable with magnet piece, the cutting device is equipped with a water pipe, cutting machine also includes drive sliding table drive, drive gear and rack, gear and rack, gear set in the shell, the rack fixed on the workbench. Gear is equipped with a shaft, the shaft out shell and connected with the rotating handle, a sliding groove on the shell, the worktable is equipped with guide rail, matching with the guide rail sliding groove, it helps to improve the stability of the slide table. In the workbench on the use of a match the cutting disc groove, makes the bottom of the blades into the groove of workbench, effectively implement the glass cutting, a workbench has a magnet, the magnet block and workbench fixed by magnetic force, magnetic block position may be adjusted according to the different cutting size of glass positioning, easy to operate.
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