Glass cutting machine stop positioning mechanism

by:Enkong     2021-05-13
Glass cutting machine stop positioning including track beam, cylinder, connecting rod, transmission shaft and stop, one end of the cylinder piston rod and connecting rod hinged, the other end of the connecting rod connected to the drive shaft is fixed, the bottom of the cylinder block hinged on the guide rail beam, the shaft rotatablely installed on the guide rail beam, is characterized by locking block through the slide block mechanism is installed on the guide rail beam, mounted on the shaft gear, the sliding groove are installed on the slider mechanism with rack and pinion gear mesh. Sliding groove slider mechanism consists of a sliding groove and the slider, the slider can be installed at the side of the sliding groove contraction sliding groove, stop the connection in the sliding groove or slide block, sliding groove or without connecting piece of the sliding block is fixed on the guide rail beam. Reducing slot dovetail groove, the beneficial effects of this utility model is simple in structure, can realize the accurate positioning, glass gear rack transmission power is big, smooth transmission, glass without gas floating roof, without air flotation system costs. In working status, compressed air driven piston rod telescopic damper, connecting rod drive shaft rotation, shaft drive gears fixed on it, thus promote fixed gear rack movement on the block, block is mobile, complete glass positioning.
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