Glass cutting machine reflects the beauty of the process of the production process itself

by:Enkong     2021-01-16
Glass is a process in the furnace under low temperature, its creation is happen in the mold into the furnace. It is not like blown to need agility gain response, it is at the end of its innovation according to the glass kiln cooling curve to shape glass cutting machine. All glass kiln system forming process and the end result is to rely on the artist's rich imagination to planning. At this point it is basically the same with blown glass, artists need to have rich perceptual resume and perceptual knowledge. And relative blown glass kiln system, its technological characteristics appear double rigorous and sensibility, and deal with the end results are harder to control. Artists from trying to at the end of the idea to draft until the molding grinding tool in the kiln, to pass by a lot of seemingly dull pace and repeatedly making process. As an artist, his creation idea and technology of the wrist should be combined, and all creation together every step of the process should not be paralyzed. Even glass kiln system is a necessary process of course their resume, with imagination every step of the process and consequences in the end. First-class artists view should be perfectly, cast to the extreme, the material and the process is perfectly. No matter which kind of process have expressed glass material beauty and human's ability and cleverness, glass cutting machine itself reflects the beauty of the manufacturing process of the process. Differences of wrist make glass material fully shows the differences of aesthetic feeling. We probably don't want to let the data breach of its properties 'artists are just with perceptual resume and perceptual knowledge of glass materials, continues to grow in the process of manufacture process of the creation, doubled the hypothetical at the end of the perfect detail. Glass manufacturing process is also the artist dialogue with glass, the process of human emotion, ability and skills to persist to be able to show, as well as the features of the artist to glass persist to deepen familiar and restraint, to better improve the glass craft skills, thus expanding the glass art, explore potential beauty of glass, and the mind of enough to vindicate for artists.
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