Glass cutting machine processing point analysis

by:Enkong     2021-05-18
Glass is used in many industrial, in glass production and processing, often use glass cutting machine, equipment is mainly glass cutting into the required sizes. Glass cutting machine is working, usually unarmed will stay cut glass on the table reservation, then open the worktable cutting mechanism, automatic glass cutting workbench, the glass after glass cutting into multiple blocks and remove the glass block from the table one by one manually. Glass cutting machine including: installed on the chassis and have multiple slot workbench; In horizontal slip way connected to the chassis side boards; The slip along the perpendicular to the direction of the slot drive component; Set on the slide brackets; Holding the stage sets are used to glass components of clamping revolving components design. Glass plate on the worktable cutting into multiple glass block, can open drive components, drive the skateboard sliding to the desired location, then open the clamping component, the clamping components oriented to the workbench, clamping glass block on the handling of glass, and then open the transfer assembly, the worktable of the glass block can easily transfer to go out, don't need a manual, the operator can easily carry clamping components on the glass block.
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