Glass cutting machine operation method sharing

by:Enkong     2022-06-04

When operating the glass glass cutting machine, it is necessary to take safety precautions, such as: wearing gloves, protective glasses, and special iron shoes. Turn on the power switch, start the relevant programs, return to the mechanical origin first, then return to the fixed point, load the programs that need to be applied, and confirm these programs.

Place the glass to be cut on the cutting table of the glass cutting machine. Press the blow button on the surface to make the glass float on the cutting table and move freely for easy positioning.

Put the glass on the cutting table, press the stop button to end the blowing function, then step on the suction switch with your foot, and use the suction function to firmly fix the glass in the proper position on the cutting table for easy cutting.

After the cutting is completed, press the stop switch to stop the suction function, and then turn on the blowing switch.

Turn on the purging switch of the slitting table, clean up the sundries and dust on the slitting table, and then move the whole piece of cut glass to the slitting table in parallel, be careful when moving.

For the glass on the dividing table, first clean the surrounding scraps and place them in the designated corresponding positions, and then divide the whole glass into small pieces according to the cutting marks. After distinguishing each small piece of glass, insert the holder vertically. This process cannot be omitted, and the vertical angle of the glass must be guaranteed.

After cutting a piece of glass, use an air gun to clean the cutting table and sub-table of the glass glass cutting machine, and then place the next piece of glass for a new cutting job.

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