Glass cutting machine operation method is what?

by:Enkong     2021-05-13
As people's living standards increasing quickly, the performance of this material of glass are also put forward higher requirements. After glass cutting machine is the direction of the development of construction, hollow, automobiles, home appliances, furniture, kitchen utensils and appliances, solar energy, handicraft, plasma power supply technology, numerical control system and other kinds of linear or shaped glass cutting. So glass cutting machine operation method is what? By dongguan factory technical staff to introduce below: glass cutting machine operation method: 1, before cutting cutting machine on clean fuel tank filled with kerosene or cut aid, adjusting tank on corresponding Angle cut again, make knife box of linoleum in kerosene or cut aid. 2, check the maid to cut glass appearance cannot have white spots and scratched phenomenon. 3, promote longeron, wait for place, then push bar, prevent collide each other. 4, check the machine before starting the line if there is a leak phenomenon, leak phenomenon will not boot. 5, turn the power switch and check whether have obstacles on working face and the guide rail, if there are obstacles must be ruled out. 6, by two people to stay cutting glass carried to the cutting platform, strong adsorption, prevent trembling. Lift glass must be confirmed before moving up the glass itself has no crack, avoid lifting the glass automatically separate phenomenon. 7, blowing button let glass float on the surface of the table, and can move freely. After 8, glass position, press the stop button, then the suction device glass firmly fixed in position to achieve the result of positioning. 9, when the cutting is finished, press the stop button, then press the air switch. 10, when cutting to complete the whole piece of glass to disc piece on translation, translation before you open the valve of blowing air motors. First after confirm qualified, can batch production, measurement to the relation of the first row as the measured object for full inspection when necessary. 11, according to mark the relation into small pieces and remaining material in the location specified. The disc after neatly stacked, small pieces of glass in glass frame. Before 12, turn it off, close all valves and object completely residual gas in the road. Found a tempering line phenomenon, immediately without electricity to snuff out. 13, good clean with base cloth cutting machine and the disc piece of table of glass pieces. More than what is glass cutting machine operation method is introduced to here, glass cutting machine with cutting speed, precision and cutting quality is good wait for a characteristic.
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