Glass cutting machine of the specific cutting conditions

by:Enkong     2020-12-26
Glass cutting machine is a kind of can move freely according to the cutting size blades and cutting direction to complete automatic guided along the wire cutting machine, it is a kind of industrial diamond cutting glass tools, the traditional glass cutting machine has a fixed part under the handle, the handle on a fixed cutter blade or install a rotating cutting blade, straight or curved glass cutting. Long glass cutting, glass cutting machine in advance before cutting parts put a ruler, and then move along the straight edge cutter blade, finish cutting operations, such as no ruler, is at the ends of the straight edge blade cutting, and in the glass support on measuring cutting length, and then move horizontally bent feet at both ends of the cutting. Conventional glass cutting machine is suitable for the cutting length shorter glass, and in the long glass cutting, due to the cutting blade can not boot properly, unable to accurately complete linear cutting, can move freely according to the cutting size blade, cutting along a straight line and automatic guiding the direction of complete line cutting. The advantages of the new glass cutting machine is due to the use of moving direction structure, can guide direction along a straight line cutting components easily cut glass. Because the cutting component can move along the support bar body, thus cutting the width of the glass.
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