Glass cutting machine maintenance

by:Enkong     2021-03-27
Glass cutting machine maintenance points, with the continuous development of science and technology, glass cutting technology and equipment has a great potential and broad market prospect. In order to make everyone better use glass cutting machine, here small make up just simple introduce everyone to glass cutting machine maintenance and maintenance points, we can according to the key points in life for maintenance. A, machine work must be confirmed before the laser tube is full of circulating water, automatic glass cutting machine into the tank, open the water tank, pump and clear the dirt on the water pump. Good clean water tank clean, replace the circulating water, the water pump to restore back into the water tank, the connection pipe inserted into the inlet of the pump, tidy up the joint. The pump power alone, and run 2 to 3 minutes ( The laser tube is full of circulating water) 。 Second, fan cleaning: the use of fan for a long time, can make the fan inside accumulate a lot of dust, solid let fans have a great noise, in addition to flavor and is unfavorable to the exhaust. When appear insufficient suction fan smoke not free, turn off the power supply first, will be discharged into the duct and the duct on the fan, remove the inside of the dust, and then put the fan on, and pull out the inside of the blades, until clean, then put the fan installed. Three, lens cleaning ( Advice before work every day, clean equipment must be in a state of shutdown) Laser lens edge central to rotary clean shaped glass cutting machine. No. 3, lens and focus lens from the frame, in the same way to wipe, wipe after the completion of the same back then. Note: 1, the lens should be wiped gently, do not damage the surface coating ( Metal wood coating lens more durable) 。 2, cleaning process to should take put down gently, to prevent falling. 3, focusing mirror installation please be sure to keep the concave downward. The cleanness of four, guide rail, The recommended frequency of the cleaning cycle: half a month, shutdown operation) Guide rail, straight axis, as one of the core parts of the equipment, it is the function of guidance and supporting role. To maintain machine has high machining accuracy, to guide, linear has higher guidance precision and good shaped glass cutting machine processing quality, guide rail, straight axis carefully conduct routine maintenance. The above three points is small make up to you about glass cutting machine maintenance and maintenance of the point. More about glass cutting edge grinding machine small information, we in the later will continue to collect for you, hope that interested in this aspect of friends dynamic must close attention to our website, so that in the first time for more details.
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