Glass cutting machine loading system is introduced in this paper

by:Enkong     2021-01-09
Glass cutting machine and feeding system including guide beam, conveyor belt, support the adjustment plate, eccentric shaft, eccentric shaft sleeve, collar, rotor, cylinder, guide groove, the beam is equipped with conveyor belt groove, conveyor belt is set on the conveyor belt groove, groove beam through support adjustment plate connected to the eccentric shaft sleeve, eccentric shaft sleeve is installed on the eccentric shaft. Shaft is installed on the axis of rotation, eccentric shaft and eccentric shaft sleeve of the collar on both sides, to prevent the eccentric shaft and eccentric shaft sleeve and guide beam, supporting the adjustment plate and the eccentric sleeve form a planar four-bar linkage mechanism, the output end of the cylinder connection has a push rod, push rod connected to the connecting rod, cylinder driven push rod, the axis of rotation by connecting rod rotation, so as to realize the level of conveyor belt. Glass cutting machine cutting glass need automatic loading, before cutting the need to automatically after unloading, drive loading system USES the method is: cutting machine is equipped with worktable feed trough, feed trough with conveyor, conveyor belt guide and guide beam, etc. , the bottom of the guide beam connection has two or more than two plunger, bottom connection of each plunger cylinder. When need to load the material, to the top of the cylinder piston rod, guide beam through the plunger lift will guide and conveyor belt conveyor belt, at this point, the conveyor belt is higher than cutting machine workbench, the motor spins on the conveyor belt conveyor belt sliding guide groove, the glass contact conveyor belt after being dragged to the workbench specified position.
In the past few decades, glass processing machines production has increased because of the use of glass machine.
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