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Glass cutting machine industry using the standard

by:Enkong     2021-05-15
Glass is used in many industrial, in the production and processing of glass plate, often use glass cutting machine, the equipment is mainly glass cutting into the required sizes. Glass cutting machine work usually is going to cut the glass on the table with the hand of the preset position, and then open the worktable cutting mechanism, automatic cutting workbench glass plate, glass plate after cutting into several glass block, glass block with the hand from the work on the stage one by one. The glass cutting machine includes: installed on the chassis and is equipped with multiple slot workbench, connected to the chassis side horizontal slip slide, slide along the direction perpendicular to the slot of drive components, set on the slide brackets, clamping platform with support for the glass assembly clamping of the spin out the assembly. Glass plate on the worktable cutting into multiple glass block, can open the drive components, driving skateboard sliding to the desired location, then open the clamping component, the clamping components towards the workbench, clamping glass block to carry on the glass, and then open the transmission component, work on the stage of glass block can easily transfer to go out, don't need manual operation, the operator can easily install clamping components on the glass block.
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