Glass cutting machine industrial efficiency

by:Enkong     2021-05-15
In making glass, glass cutting is a very important process, the current glass cutting using artificial feeding, cutting efficiency is lower, because of the need to cut different sizes of glass at the same time, fixed on the cutter positioning block cannot meet the needs of workers often judging by experience, easy to cause cutting error, glass damage and waste of resources, small make up today will go to the industrial application of glass cutting machine efficiency. Glass cutting machine including shell workbench, the workbench can slide set in the shell, the worktable with magnet, cutting device is equipped with water pipe, cutting machine also includes drive sliding table drive, drive gear and rack and pinion and rack, the gear set inside the shell, the shelves of fixed on the workbench. Gear is equipped with the axis of rotation, the rotating shaft out shell and connected with the rotating handle, a sliding groove on the shell, the worktable is equipped with guide rail, chute with guide rail, to improve the stability of the sliding table. On the workbench using a matching cutting disc groove, makes the bottom of the blade into the groove of the workbench, effectively realized the glass cutting, the worktable is a magnet, the magnet block and workbench fixed by magnetic force, magnetic block position can be adjusted according to different cutting size glass positioning, easy to operate.
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