Glass cutting machine has the advantages of characteristics

by:Enkong     2021-03-31
Glass oblique cutting machine is dosage of glass deep processing equipment of the earliest and largest one of the mechanical equipment. Main effect is glass cutting, and make some special shapes. Use cutting machine correctly and reasonably can not only ensure normal production, can also extend the life of the machine. The following mainly introduced about the function of the glass cutting machine, advantages, and characteristics. General automatic glass cutting machine mainly through the computer to control the machine tool, the manipulator by entering a specific glass processing data, make cutting machine to cut glass products according to relevant data, in order to achieve to shape. The company production of glass cutting machine, relative to the market most glass cutting machine, has automatic, accurate, high speed cutting and processing function. Adopt import knife wheel, cutting machine effect is good. Cutting head protection device, prevent collision knife. Technical superiority characteristic: 1 according to user requirements for automatic cutting processing line or abnormity graphic. Can directly input to cut glass size or directly import CAD graphics, has the actual cutting graphics, actual motion tracking display, have informed the operator of equipment and processing conditions. 2 with a single display and processing time per shift production statistics, computer control, cutting pressure is entirely good cutting quality. 3 rack and pinion adopt international famous brand high-quality products, ensure accuracy of cutting, cutting speed and cutting precision. 4X. Y. The Z axis adopts imported servo motor, cutting the origin repeat positioning accuracy is high, can you spell mirror, automobile and home appliance glass cutting. 5 imported Italian optimization software, typesetting powerful function, friendly interface, easy to learn, easy to use. 6 with laser scanning positioning system, contour scanning input function, the automatic shape cutting. 7 has perfect protective measures, to ensure the long time. 8 equipped with bilateral double location or unilateral simplex on a piece of table, gear drive, safe and reliable. Equipped with 9 to break off the table. A key start.
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