Glass cutting machine for glass door cutting

by:Enkong     2022-05-22

The glass cutting machine used for cutting glass doors includes a glass cutting machine body, a pair of fans and several lifting mechanisms are arranged in the cutting machine, the upper end of the lifting mechanism is connected with the ejector rod, a cutter body is arranged above the glass cutting machine body, and the lower part of the cutter body A cutter head is connected, and one side of the cutter body is connected with a liquid sprayer, which contains instant glue.

After cutting the glass door, the liquid sprayer sprays the mucus onto the cutting line through the nozzle, closes the cutting line, and forms a film after the mucus is cooled. When the glass door is partially separated, due to The high tension of the film, the film will not be pierced for a short time after the glass door is separated.

When the fan is running and blowing upward, the film formed by the mucus above the glass door will not splash glass fragments, so as not to hurt the operator. The glass door fragments will fall to the bottom under the dual action of wind and self-weight. , such as the splashes splashed inside the fuselage during cutting will be blocked by the back cover.

Because of the small diameter of the nozzle, open the nozzle before the cutting machine starts, the liquid sprayer will slowly spray the instant glue and red acrylic paint onto the glass door, after starting the cutting machine, the glass door will be cut Slowly, the jet speed of the nozzle is just in sync with the cutting speed.

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