Glass cutting machine debugging work to how to do

by:Enkong     2021-05-11
Glass is a kind of can maintain the shape of the amorphous solid, it is through the cooling in the molten glass glass slurry and grants, and gradually increase the degree of glass has been very popular in today's society, in the life of people everywhere, today small make up will be introduced to the adjustment of the glass cutting machine how to work. A debug glass cutting machine, which include the base, the base fixed on the top of the left and right sides of the support bar, two support bar move through the connecting bar, bar at the bottom of the left and right sides of the fixed connection has the buffer spring, connected to the base at the top of the fixed on the bottom of the buffer spring, cross bar at the bottom of the midpoint and cutting device fixed connection. Cutting device including connection, the connection of the lining and the motor is fixed at the bottom of the connection, the motor output shaft connected to the rotating shaft is fixed, through the links at the bottom of shaft frame extends to connect the outer edge of the frame, and circular slider at the bottom of the fixed frame connections. Rotating rod is capped with a corresponding to the circular sliding groove block position, smooth and the rotor position is corresponding to the fixed joint fixed in the bottom of the cone, rotating pole in front on the left with a horizontal tank, horizontal tank wall of the left and right sides of the fixed by the side of the fixed link connection, the surface of the fixed link and mobile piece of active connections, move through the level of the bottom of the tank.
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