Glass cutting machine debugging is reasonable, will directly affect the service life of it

by:Enkong     2021-01-07
Glass cutting machine debugging is reasonable, will directly affect the service life of it. Fill in the pictures (the Optional) Glass cutting machine life cycle: 1, excellent thermal insulation effect, heat preservation effect is equal to 5 times the regular of polystyrene, extruded board 4 times, polyurethane (pu) 2. Eight times, shandong building 1 is commonly used in much of the region. 5 cm thick can reach 65% of the energy requirements. 2, unit weight, on the wall after weight about 12 kg per square meter, is only a quarter of the weight of the after ceramic tile on the wall. After construction, is not easy to fall off, high safety. 3, the thermal insulation, decoration engineering organic union, construction process is more simple than the traditional thermal insulation system. 4, construction is convenient, can be directly paste like ceramic tile, greatly shortens the time limit for a project, saving the cost. 5, thermal insulation material for inorganic heat preservation material, fire non-combustible, while existing conventional insulation materials are burning. Parts used for glass cutting machine: glass cutting machine processing equipment parts damage resistance, parts strength is insufficient, will lead to large plastic deformation or fracture damage, insulating glass processing machine to stop working or serious accidents. High strength material, increase the parts section size and the reasonable design of cross section shape, heat treatment and chemical treatment methods, improve the manufacturing precision of the movement of parts and reasonable configuration of each parts in the machine position, etc. Both to improve the strength of the hollow glass processing equipment parts. Resistance to elastic deformation stiffness is refers to the parts. The elastic deformation of component stiffness is insufficient, will lead to a big, cause a concentrated load, affect the machine working performance, and even cause an accident. Such as hollow glass processing equipment of the main shaft, guide rail, etc.
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