Glass cutting machine cutting quality and efficiency

by:Enkong     2021-05-10
Diamond grinding wheel cutting is commonly used in glass cutting knife cutting method, this method is only applicable to cut a piece of glass cutting, but cannot be used for more than two pieces or sandwich glass, with the emergence of bulletproof laminated glass, the first important problem is how to cut, today small make up will be introduced to the operation of the glass cutting machine cutting quality and efficiency. Multilayer composite glass cutting machine base is equipped with cutting platform, base on both ends of the columns, beams at the top is divided into two columns, head and guide the guide beam is installed on the beam, the bottom of the cutter and the rest are linked together, to install in a pillar of the motor, reduction drive, drive sprocket, roller, two sets of sprocket and on the other column a chain transmission mechanism, are connected by a chain to drive the rest. From the structure of the utility model can see, as long as we put a sandwich glass cutting platform, aimed at cutting good diamond grinding wheel cutter, and then start cutting machine chain transmission mechanism, could cut sandwich glass, because cut sandwich glass diamond wheel won't because of the influence of intercalation, no matter how many layer of laminated glass, as long as the thickness can be within the scope of the diamond grinding wheel cutting depth, can solve the shortage of the existing technology. Cutting machine cutting platform set up on the base, the base on both sides of the two columns, beams fixed at the top, two columns tool post by its guidance, beams of wheel and rail coordinated arrangement on the beam.
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