Glass cutter profile for industrial applications

by:Enkong     2021-05-14
Glass production need after cutting, edge and cleaning process, such as glass cutting, generally need to use manual or mechanical method put glass conveying rack, and then to transport rack will be transported to glass cutting machine worktable, today small make up will be introduced to the industrial use of glass cutting machine. Glass cutting machine includes a transmission frame and a neighboring cutting machine, cutting machine, including a workbench, a parallel conveyor belt across the workbench of the gantry, and used for horizontal displacement of gantry cutting device. Transmission framework including the square frame, support frame brace, installed on the framework of a number of roller and driving roller rotating motor, whose character is: a movable roller, whose character is installed on a movable frame, multiple ball evenly distributed at the top of the frame. In activities within the framework of fixed how feet, row, row activities activities feet sliding sleeve on the guidance of the support frame, each activity feet corresponds to a swinging rod, one end of one row of swinging rod connected together, has been on the other side of the pole with hinged on the supporting frame.
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