Glass cutter positioning device is introduced

by:Enkong     2021-05-17
Glass cutting machine has been very popular, not only because it is easy to use, and with the development of the society continuously improve, and because the glass is smooth, it is difficult to accurately find the cutting point, then the glass broken, more sharp and dangerous for staff, in order to make the glass cutting is more rapid, accurate, a glass cutter positioning device is designed. Mechanical positioning and laser scanning automatic labeling double glass cutting machine positioning system, mechanical positioning is done by the locating piece, can preliminary positioning glass, laser scanning, can be accurate to the location of the glass scanning, improve the accuracy of automatic labeling of glass cutting machine, both template scan. Glass cutting machine of the surface of the floating platform in a horizontal direction and vertical direction respectively fixed installation, and installation of vertical and horizontal fixed block fixed block, realized cutting to cut the edge of glass not operation does not need to spend time and energy to determine the origin of the workpiece. Glass cutting machine operation become simple and feasible, and device and positioning method is simple and time-saving, above is for the cutter positioning device are briefly introduced, we can use this device to locate.
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