Glass cleaning machine operation problem of glass machinery

by:Enkong     2021-05-28
Glass cleaning machine set highly water supply water tank. Glass cleaning equipment needs pressure are in trouble. Set the booster pump and other measures should be taken. Tank of piping and accessories feed line: generally speaking, water tank inlet pipe wall, also can meet people from the top or bottom. Inlet pipe diameter according to pump out the mercury or pipe network design second flow juice are determined. When the tank using the outdoor pipe network pressure water directly. Pressure vessel pressure pipe of hydraulic water level control valve should be installed ( Preferred) Ball valve, there should be installed on the inlet pipe valve repair, when the pipe diameter or greater 50 mm. Control valve ( Or floating ball valve) No less than 2. The center distance from the wall into people into pipe roof should be 150 - a - 200 - mm distance. When the tank by the water pump water supply, and use the water level automatic control of pump run time. Should not be water level control valve. Glass cleaning machine transducer after high frequency electric energy into mechanical energy, produces the high frequency vibration amplitude of tiny and spread to the cleaning slot in the solution, under the action of transducer, the interior of the cleaning fluid will continue to produce a large number of tiny air bubbles and instantaneous burst, the high temperature of each bubble burst will produce several baidu and nearly thousand atmospheric pressure of shock waves, thus the workpiece washed clean.
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