Glass cleaning machine of glass machinery hydraulic equipment

by:Enkong     2021-05-27
Glass cleaning machine adopt pneumatic water supply equipment can save water, remain isolated, keep it clean. Glass cleaner air pressure water supply equipment is used inside the airtight storage tank air compressibility. For storage, regulation, water pressure and keep the hydraulic device, its function is equivalent to high water tank or water tank on its roof. Classification and composition of pneumatic water supply equipment according to the tank, gas water contact. Can be divided into two categories, tonifying qi and diaphragm. According to the condition of the stability of water pressure, can be divided into two categories, variable pressure and constant pressure. When the tank pressure smaller ( As for the Pi) When the water pump pressurized water supply to the water supply system, water pump water except for the user. Spare part into the pressure tank, tank water level benevolence. The air is compressed; When the stress reaches a larger ( If P2) When the pump stop working, mountain water pressure can provide according to user's requirements, according as the decreasing of water tank. Air volume expansion, the pressure will gradually reduce, when pressure drop to P: when the pump starts again. So to iron. Achieve the purpose of water supply. Among various kinds of glass cleaning machine, used in a variety of water supply equipment has its own characteristics. Diaphragm type pressure water supply equipment set up in the air pressure tank cap form or gallbladder form ( The gallbladder is superior to the cap form) Elastic diaphragm, the gas water separation, even if the gas does not dissolve in water, also make the water quality is not easy to be polluted, air compensating device also do not need to set up, in the drinking water system, air pressure water supply equipment must pay attention to water quality protection measures. Such as air pressure tank and filling tank inner surface should be coated non-toxic anticorrosive coatings, application of non-toxic rubber diaphragm. Air inlet air compensating device are set air filtration device. Using type oil free air compressor, etc.
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