Glass cleaning machine cleaning effect is bad how to solve

by:Enkong     2020-12-30
Found some customers bought back glass cleaning machine, glass washing machine is not clean, wash the glass of water or a lot? So he was doubt, I bought the wrong device? What went wrong? The improper operation or the device itself? So small make up here do answer for you. First of all, this is related to the following several aspects: 1. Air knife error: when the speed of glass cleaning machine, may cause the glass blowing, the wind vane Angle, this Angle problem can adjust themselves, how to clean on how to adjust the Angle, you can also put a piece of glass in the air knife knife distance downwind, touch the surface of the glass is good recently, but not too close to be careful not to cut glass. 2. Air knife auxiliary electric heating is broken. Please check whether the air knife auxiliary electric heating damage. 3. Sponge roller aging ( Hardening) Water absorption, check the glass washing machine roller, try may be better.
the glass piece of safety operating rules
glass cutting machine cutting on the all-in-one belongs to the mechanical equipment, more or less dangerous, so we need to pay attention to safety operation: 1. Glass is a kind of precision cutting machine equipment, so the operation of the cutting machine must have three decisions ( Man, machine,) 2. Operators must receive professional training, can skilled operation, non-professional personnel cannot be moved. 3. Must be confirmed before operation without outside interference. Everything is all right, after cutting board should be hung on the cutting platform. Above is glass machinery on the small make up to provide you with the glass cutting machine safety operation procedures, must pay attention to safety in the operation.
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