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Glass cleaning machine as well as some common faults of how to solve

by:Enkong     2021-06-04
Glass washing machine is a fast and efficient cleaning equipment was carried out on the glass surface, according to incomplete statistics, market data glass processing factory in the process of using glass cleaning machine, big and small problem, leading to low machining efficiency, cost of coordination and increased cost of raw material loss, is not conducive to the healthy development of enterprises. So, in the process of the use of the advantages of daily to meet what fault, as there is no professional maintenance technology processing factory, should be how to deal with? Cleaner manufacturers remind processing enterprises, in the use of cleaner need in strict accordance with the operating rules the proper use of equipment, in order to avoid the production of 'mistakes' in the face of mount guard personnel professional training. At the same time, lead to low production efficiency, equipment, frequent malfunction of another reason lies in the enterprise management system is not perfect, on the one hand is the equipment management system, on the other hand is a personnel management system. Equipment management contains the operation procedures of standard, equipment daily check, troubleshooting, and the advantages of routine maintenance, loss of inventory and change situation, equipment use log notes, etc. And the related staff management includes the implementation of equipment management system, target, customized production, quality control, etc. The two are mutually patrimony. Get to the point, glass washing machine is in use process prone to glass transmission stuck, critical edge, scratches, wash clean, do not wait for a phenomenon. According to the feedback information of cleaning machine manufacturer maintenance technology point of view, basically is in the final analysis of fault is the executive is not standard, the operation procedure and daily equipment accessories maintenance and repair does not reach the designated position. Therefore, professional training is imminent. For the advantages of cleaning glass specification range need to be clear, do not too much big thickness of glass on the small size equipment cleaning to avoid card products, the other glass is put between the need to set aside enough distance to avoid laminated. When cleaning the size is less than the prescribed scope of glass equipment, once found the card to stop the machine immediately to check. When cleaning a narrow elongated or smaller artifacts, long side to put in the forward direction. Finally, the wind blade Angle to adjust to meet the requirements, blowing direction can't be too into slice direction, no casual touch air knife. Critical edge glass is made up of drive system and clamping system adjustment caused by the unreasonable, need the appropriate loose to avoid collision with equipment glass. Glass scratch are usually laminated or transfer roller is sundry cause, on the one hand, to ensure the transmission roller clean without sundry, on the other hand reserve enough space to avoid laminated. Which glass wash not clean because there are three main aspects, one is the brush is not clean, second, washing water is not clean, the third is blown out dry with sundry, just make sure the brush clean, timely replacement water tank water, filter out the wind dust can not avoid this problem glass washing is not clear. Glass surface drying incomplete because of the air volume is not enough to dry water droplets, as long as increase wind pressure, also want to check whether it is because the wind knife position is not correct lead to blowing Angle caused by unreasonable. Anyhow, fault basic it is caused by the operation specification and equipment maintenance is not in place, as long as know the glass cleaning machine operation procedures and possible failure problems and corresponding screening method and treatment scheme can solve itself rather than fighting to the maintenance personnel time-consuming and costly, please.
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