Glass beveling machine using several problems need to be aware of

by:Enkong     2021-03-26
Glass beveling machine using several problems need to be aware of. Glass beveling machine is often used in glass production and processing, bevel edge Angle for glass processing, need to pay attention to the following questions in use. 1, the guide rail beam depends on whether reasonable design of supporting points with enclosure. Such as unreasonable, will guide beam bending, but also drive the guide curve. Bending of guide rail beam during opening and closing will also guide beam bent seriously, even will pull the shaft will not work, increase the difficulty that replacement of maintenance. 2, conveying guide rail and guide beam edge grinding machine is a very important part, when the choose and buy must to manufacturers understand the guide to choose what kind of material, where to buy. It remains to be seen whether conveying guide rail plane straight at the same time, whether there is a warp, as well as the damage phenomenon. 3, electrical board can't have left and right sides, back and forth. Moves to ease, and can't swing, swing, otherwise it will cause motor glass edge grinding 磞 without processing. At the same time, the board should have enough thickness and width, this kind of rigid enough. 4, grinding wheel, when the choose and buy, be sure to understand the source of the grinding wheel, brand and configuration. Equipment processing stability and high quality will not be able to rely on imported high configuration, high prices of the grinding wheel as cover, must use the domestic grinding wheel. Above is the glass edge grinding machine using considerations, it is important to note that when using or it will appear some problems.
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