Glass beveling machine maintenance points

by:Enkong     2021-03-23
Glass beveling machine maintenance points, glass beveling machine is one of them in the glass processing equipment, as we all know how glass beveling machine maintenance? Below we glass beveling machine to give you about the key points of maintenance, learn together! The first point 1 glass beveling machine maintenance, clean glass beveling machine equipment, has nothing to do with the production of clutter, it's better to keep clear once a day. The first point 2 glass beveling machine maintenance, replacement of circulating water, in order to avoid the glass powder block water pump and the pipe. 3 glass beveling machine and maintenance the first point, glass beveling machine of chain, gear, screw, coated with grease. 4 glass beveling machine maintenance after the first point, after use, put the glass beveling machine in dry environment, easy to rust and other maintenance. 5 glass beveling machine and maintenance the first point, timely check whether the operating system is perfect. 6 glass beveling machine and maintenance the first point, a small piece of glass in glass hypotenuse machining must add belt clip, to grip the small glass. In the process also can well protect splint. Is the above six glass beveling machine maintenance, hope the above us about knowledge can call our telephone contact us! Our company will bring more knowledge, we are looking forward to cooperating with you!
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