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Fully automatic shaped glass cutting machine structure

by:Enkong     2021-02-13
Automatic shaped glass cutting machine is mainly composed of two parts, and the mechanic and electric control system of mechanical part contains bedplate, rack/guide, knife wheel, mesa, tool post, transmission device, transmission system, cutting knife, positioning device, oil supply mode; Electrical section contains control system, voltage, controller, control cables, drag chain, relays, circuit. A fully automatic shaped glass cutting machine, machine part 1) Counter: the waterproof board. 2) Rack/guide: using imported products, used in X, Y direction for high precision linear motion. 3) Knife wheel: German, important cutting parts, install glass cutting head. 4) Mesa: fill vent, air floating mat surface, use black felt pad. 5) Head: pneumatic, adjustable head pressure, to adapt to the different thickness and strength of glass cutting, in order to achieve the best cutting effect. 6) Conveying equipment: air floating mesa ( Take a piece of Taiwan is conveyor belt device) Mobile, convenient glass, reduce the workload of staff. 7) The transmission system: Japan yaskawa servo system, make equipment, high efficiency and reliable performance, no deviation. 8) Cutting knife holder: use air pressure, rotate 360 degrees of the cutting tools, cut up and down. Can cut any shape of the glass, the straight line, circle and abnormity, etc. , to ensure that the glass cutting and no any problem. 9) Oil supply mode: automatic lubricating device, the oil pressure can be adjusted. 10) Positioning device, laser scanning positioning system ( Laser scanning, can accurate scan out the location of the glass, in order to improve the glass cutting precision, both template scan function) 。 Second, the electric appliance part 1) Control system: adopting the dell PC into control, Microsoft Windows interface. 2) Voltage: 380 v / 50 hz, equipment with isolated protection device, prevent damage interference control components. 3) Professional high speed controller: the United States with PMAC motion controller and realize precise cutting without deviation. 4) Control cables: Germany, the United States professional high soft cables, ensure the reliable operation of cutting high life. 5) Drag chain: Germany's professional high-speed drag chain, is not easy to wear steel straight shape. 6) Relay: Japan omron, France schneider, reduce unnecessary trouble. 7) Circuit, using the latest EMC compatibility design without interference, make the equipment running smoothly. 3, 1) control software Independent intellectual property rights of cutting software, integrated layout optimization and cutting as a whole. 2) Supports DXF format, can be convenient to AutoCAD, SolidWork, such as graphics file imports into the gallery of the software. 3) Has the world's most advanced spline interpolation function, The traditional linear and circular interpolation function can not meet the requirement of the cutting now) , make the template scan and CAD spline, perfect precision, put an end to conversion error. 4) Edge template scan, scan results to optimize it is smooth, directly involved in the optimization of cutting, can also import the CAD model of spline editor returned after cutting. 5) Direct input cut glass size, fully automatic optimization cutting directly after typesetting. 6) With functions of automatic correction, glass display can have certain error, in order to improve the work efficiency to ensure cutting accuracy ( The laser positioning correction) 。 7) The origin correction function, can be set up secondary origin. 8) Cutting path optimization, makes the cutting path is the shortest and make sure the best cutting speed.
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