Fully automatic glass machine about how to choose

by:Enkong     2021-02-12
Fully automatic glass machine's main role is to cooperate with artificial cut glass equipment, to transport the glass, glass process is commonly used personnel move to cutting equipment, increased the personnel's work load, at the same time operating personnel accident, may also be in so in succession on the basis of traditional craft designed glass machine is fully automatic glass machine? On a used and artificial auxiliary cutting machine, cutting, and air flotation machine can move freely in production workshop, thoroughly solved the problem of the glass to pile up, can easily get through the wireless remote control operation, can move freely in production workshop, thoroughly solved the problem of the glass to pile up, can easily get through the wireless remote control operation, suitable for glass size: 3660 * 2440, thickness: 5 - 19 mm, solved the difficult of choose and employ persons, staff security problems, at the same time, the device is a portable gas floating platform, than ordinary gas floating platform is more flexible and convenient to use and make glass move more easily, a device has a variety of functions at the same time, has been widely used in glass processing, low E glass, double glass, silver three silver glass, the sunshine, photovoltaic glass, coated glass, etc. With artificial cut glass equipment machine USES and features: automatic glass machine is in the old equipment made a big improvement on the basis of an updated equipment, its main characteristics of the economy, safety, flexible through wireless remote control operation can be free to move in the workshop, 360 degrees turn turn around and small turning radius. How to choose a really suitable for their own enterprise fully automatic glass machine? 1, if there is no line workshop crane, and the order is not very full, there is no need to blindly follow suit, select automatic glass cutting machine, and should choose one to form a complete set of artificial semi-automatic glass lower 2, choose authentic brands of equipment, at present, the imitation of models on the market very much, small mill type small plant is everywhere, this factory does not have its own research and development team, often blindly copy, and crude production tools, processing is simple, make glass machine products low prices, quality and after-sales service but can not get guarantee 3, choose the latest version of the model. Now, the most advanced glass machine product version has been upgraded to the highest V2013 version, this product for the old parts a breakthrough type change, quicker and more convenient to use than previous versions of. But there are many manufacturers still stay in 2011 there has been no change on the model of four, according to their own site is different, choose different models, but also equipped with different power and air interface
glass machine are all following the most compatible manufacturing regulations.
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