Fully automatic glass cutting on pills machine operation

by:Enkong     2021-01-12
Fully automatic glass cutting on pills all-in-one cover an area of an area small, simple and safe operation, high speed precision, less manpower, can walk freely in the workshop, the performance-to-price ratio is high. Set to take pills, floating around, bye, automatic walking around mobile, linear cutting and cutting as a whole, a remote control, one top compressors, from taking pills to cut full automatic control, is on the table, substitute for cutter to break off the piece machine, greatly reduce the labor intensity of the bitter and security risks, has convenient operation, small investment, high efficiency advantages, greatly reduces the equipment using comprehensive cost, small and medium-sized enterprise use of glass is better choice. Glass cutting is the first working procedure in process of glass deep processing, also is the most used technique. With automatic cutting, glass cutting on pills machine need to typesetting, and then can be cut, in addition to membrane technology, etc. Demand not only on the glass glass discharge meets the requirements as much as possible in the shape of work piece, improve the utilization rate of raw materials and layout of easy operation, easy to use and requirements. Typography is mechanical interaction operators compare work task list in site layout cutting the most commonly used, the most convenient way of a layout.
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