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Fully automatic glass cutting machine when using the security matters

by:Enkong     2021-02-11
Because the glass is pervious to light and reflectivity, and easy coloring, often requiring higher used for lighting and color, such as optical instruments and a variety of art deco. The modern technology to the glass industry has brought new vigor and vitality, the glass performance has been greatly improved. Below we will briefly introduce the characteristics of the glass cutting equipment, attention to the instructions. A features and functions, automatic glass cutting machine features: automatic glass cutting machine is mainly composed of X, Y axis adopts ac servo motor drive, the Z axis adopts stepper motor drive device features: 1. According to user requirements to automatic cutting processing line or abnormity graphic, also can be directly imported AUTOCAD graphics. 2. The automatic glass cutting machine operation directly by computer. Graphic design is completed, can be directly by cutting software for cutting machine. 3. With automatic oiling, qigong can. Scope of application: photoelectric glass, arts and crafts, cosmetic mirror, daily glass and car rearview mirror lamp shaped glass cutting, etc. Second, the use of automatic glass cutting machine note 1. Automatic glass cutting machine is in use process, should will plug connected to the computer first, and will control card and other equipment of the plug, pull the first; Computer case should connect the ground wire or glass cutting machine, in order to ensure safety. Machine, please shut off the power when not working, please unplug the power plug when not in use for a long time. 2. Open the power supply, to zero, then try all kinds of manual function; 3. Figure when loading, to ensure that the figure within the scope of the cutting; 4, before cutting, check was cut glass, appearance can't have white dots and scratches phenomenon; 5. Click start cutting, next to confirm y no one; 6. After cutting, for other non emergency stop operation; 7, after use, to clean up the table in time, prevent glass scratch mesa
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