Fully automatic glass cutting machine matters needing attention of choose and buy

by:Enkong     2021-01-06
Automatic glass cutting machine is a kind of category, is mainly used for cutting glass, is it convenient to use and was deeply loved by people, look at the automatic glass cutting machine on the market, there are a lot of models, we should be paid attention to in the process of buying? A seemingly fully automatic glass cutting machine model is composed of a series of simple letters and Numbers, but it represents a cutting machine factory life and technical equipment, so everyone in before go to make a distinction between different models, should make sure their purchase which is a series of equipment. Each customer will set a budget first, and then in the case of a reasonable budget to buy a higher cost performance machine, also look at the automatic glass cutting machine and the way of using specific parameters, such as cutting efficiency. Parameters to determine whether the use of the equipment is convenient, also decided to the technical level of the equipment itself, we have to do is to buy as much as possible of high precision, high speed machine, so as not to delay the use of in the future, if you want to know more related content, welcome to inquire. How automatic double glass cutting machine by use of the
it is well known that the cut glass is commonly used with a diamond blade of glass cutter to cut, the cutting method is only applicable to cutting a piece of glass, but can not be used in more than two or sandwich glass, small make up today's going to introduce how the automatic double glass cutting machine are used. In glass cutting machine on both sides of the workbench is equipped with an automatic cutting, glass positioner for portal structure, level of the top beam, on both sides for the vertical beam, beam in the middle of a horizontal narrow glass entrance, glass entrance with rubber cushion, cushion clamping. Under the glass entrance directly across the table surface is also glass positioning seam, seam positioning parallel to the glass entrance, cutting mechanism includes a pair of movable cutting machine, cutting machine set positioning seam on both sides of the glass. Cutting machine including the base, the base is equipped with position sensor, two position sensor sends a signal to each other, to determine whether the cutter location and height of the same, the side of the table also has control mechanism, to control the movement of the cutter location and speed.
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