Fully automatic glass cutting machine maintenance and matters needing attention

by:Enkong     2021-01-07
Part 1 a, electrical appliances, check the automatic glass cutting machine electrical cabinet and electrical components, please be sure to close the external power supply, so as to avoid electric shock! 2, control cabinet internal dry and clean, The vacuum cleaner is preferred) 。 3, the control cabinet internal prohibited, sundry, close cupboard door during the work. 4, control box filter cotton monthly regular cleaning or replacement. Second, the pneumatic part 1, check the gas source processor inlet pressure, to ensure that the air pressure at 0. 4 - 0. 6bar。 2, open all manual or mechanical valves, check whether there is a leak, trachea bending phenomenon. 3, chuck in peacetime should always check to see if there is broken glass when using, often clean. 4, next is some there is no need to turn it over, sucker to avoid direct contact with touch glass edge to cut. 5, must be timely check the oil level of the vacuum pump and clean screen pack need to clean and 1 year 6 months need to change the vacuum pump oil. Third, the mechanical part 1, screw elevator parts every week to clean the screw surface and butter ( Winter to heat resistance - 20 - to - 30 degrees of lubricating oil) 。 2, the manual check every 30 days on the workings of the electric motor, touch screen manually in one operation, check whether there is a sound, if there is a shake or stuck phenomenon structure. 3, touch screen operation status screen and sensor, inspect all sensor is normal response. 4, take oil cutting machine rack equipment maintenance system, interval of 30 days to check that the oil on the rack, if dust or debris is more need to refuel after use clean cloth to wipe clean. 5, cutter head to check, Angle exists obvious deviation ( Or check whether the cutting line is a thicker) 。 6, usually want interval process for some time to check the size of the glass cutting, if error is beyond the scope, please contact the manufacturer customer service engineer.
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