Full-automatic glass Chamfering machine- How to ensure the operation quality of full-automatic glass Chamfering machine-Yingguanxin machinery

by:Enkong     2019-12-25
Different from ordinary glass Chamfering machine, the full-automatic glass Chamfering machine replaces manual operation with computer control in the glass Chamfering process, thus avoiding the shortcomings of the traditional Chamfering machine. The full-automatic glass beveling machine adopts the touch screen operation interface to operate conveniently, quickly and simply, and can be used by ordinary workers without professional technicians. Rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing are completed at one time, at the same time, it has the characteristics of further ensuring product quality. A. Three-axis servo motor, the spindle can be equipped with three wheels (Coarse wheel, fine wheel, polishing wheel) , 8MM thick glass, no intermediate angle is required below R45, which improves the speed of glass processing, and only 3- It is completed in 5 minutes, which reduces the adjustment time when changing wheels and improves the processing efficiency. B. The machine is equipped with a flat touch screen industrial computer control system, replacing the R size, only manual input can be completed, the computer will automatically program, and a piece of glass, 4 corners are different, can also be poured at one time, as long as you know a little computer, you will operate and adjust the machine, which is very convenient. C. The machine structure is rigid, the machine body is very stable, and resonance jitter will not occur during processing, thus ensuring the processing accuracy of the glass. D. Fully automatic trimming of the polishing wheel, the computer automatically calculates the thickness to be repaired, safe and convenient, completely avoiding the possible work-related accidents when manually repairing the polishing wheel.
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